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You Can’t Do That at Camp!June 25th - June 30th, 2017

This program was pioneered on the shores of Owasco Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region nearly 20 years ago and has spread across the country. This year it reaches Western NY and Brantingham! We’ve put our brains together to create the wackiest week Aldersgate has ever experienced! Basically, it’s more fun than anyone should be allowed to have at camp. There is a ridiculous amount of camp fun packed into each activity: eat ice cream for breakfast, come to our crazy carnival, and get slimed. Plus, gear up for the super secret events that we can’t tell you about until you get here!

This younger camper version of You Can’t is a wild week with surprises every step of the way!  Become a detective through different mysteries, visit the crazy carnival, create an outrageous science experiment, get slimed, and more!  Don’t forget the Skittle Skattle Battle and ice-cream for breakfast.  Plus, you will get to do some of the best camp activities - swimming, boating, and a wagon ride.
Jun3 25 - 30                   Ages 7-9           $560/$510/$460

You Can’t Do That: At Aldersgate
Have you ever wondered what camp would be like if you did a ton of things you are not normally allowed to do? Prepare yourself for a week full of crazy and unexpected moments. Choose your favorite activities and we will create a schedule just for you - write for the You Can’t News, go canoeing, create crazy videos, be a part of Drama, Skits and Such, or get some extra time at the waterfront. You don’t want to miss this week!

June 25-30                   Ages 10-18     $560/$510/$460

Note: this multiple-age program will have separate housing and run age-appropriate schedules.

You Can’t Do That: On a Horse!
Is it possible to play musical chairs with horses? We will travel to Stillmeadow Ranch to find out. Campers will go to the stable three days for an introduction to all things horses. The rest of the day will be spent at camp doing all the Wacky You Can’t craziness!

June 25-30                   Ages 10-18     $670/$620/$570

You Can’t Do That: In The Yurts!
Stay in our Yurt Village, and prepare yourself for a week full of crazy and unexpected moments. Learn to protect your food from animals, try the Sierra Cup Challenge, cook some meals over an open flame and join main camp for lots of wacky fun! Note: Asbury Acres is located on the opposite side of Brantingham Rd. from main site. Campers will sleep in Yurts, have access to privies, and prepare at least one meal a day over an open campfire. Campers will travel to main site each day for dinner, swimming, worship and a shower.

June 25-30                   Ages 10-18     $560/$510/$460

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