For anyone ages 18 and older, that are new or experienced in practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy with essential oils, and holistic self-care practices. The retreat program will include the instruction and practice of ancient mindful applications integrated with scientifically-based methods of healing. We hope you will join us to rest, restore, and rediscover.

August 29, 10:00am – 7:30pm; check-in starts at 9am

Lunch and Dinner will be provided.

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This day-long retreat is a special time that involves in-person programming. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will follow whatever state guidelines are mandated at the time of the retreat.

This retreat offers an opportunity to discover and deepen concentration, wisdom and compassion. Instruction will be based primarily on the education and wisdom of the instructors and rooted in mindfulness and science. The retreat will involve meditation instruction, movement instruction, as well as nutritional and holistic workshops. You do not need to have any experience or knowledge of these practices in order to participate.

Long periods of silence and quiet conversation will be the norm on this retreat. It can be a transforming experience and therefore, we request that all participants 1) arrive on time, 2) participate in the entire course without leaving early and 3) leave their phones, watches and all other electronics in their cars or at home for the duration of the retreat. To protect our retreat time, we ask participants to refrain from phone calls, emails, texts, and other internet use.

MBS2021 Presenters:

Nichole Workman is a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and nurse. She is the owner of Mindful Motivation in Lowville. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are gifts that she believes need to be shared with our Community. She is honored to share these practices.

Dr. Lee Vance is a psychologist, wellness coach, communications consultant, and meditation teacher. He is the owner of Lee Michael Wellness Coaching and Consulting, LLC in Lowville. He has loved practicing and sharing mindfulness meditation and stress reduction techniques with the community.

Heidi VanZandt is a Natural Wellness Consultant. Her areas of expertise include plant-based eating, essential oils, a toxin-free lifestyle, and mindset practices. She is the owner of Health and Vitality Zone in Lowville. After a battle with breast cancer, Heidi learned that many cancers are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors and has since immersed herself in natural health education and practices.

Megan Dolhof is a Certified Nutrition¬†Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She is the owner of Open Sky Wellness in Lowville. Megan uses a comprehensive nutritional approach to re-balance and restore the body; incorporating nutrients from whole foods, quality supplements and mindful eating strategies.

Finally, we ask that you review our retreat guidelines prior to registering.

Payment: The price of this retreat is $100 per participant. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship or would like to donate in order to support other potential participants then please contact us.

Cancellation Policy: The registration deadline is August 16, 2021 at 3:00pm. For a full refund, you must cancel by August 16 at 3:00pm. A wait-list will be available after we reach full capacity.

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